Chug-Chug, Putt-Putt.

Spring 2008: Things were quiet over the Christmas period. I’d lost my job and money was a bit tight. Sam and I were still eager to get the eggmotor running. One cool, foggy day at Pontefract Park Sam and I set up the eggmotor on a test stand that Sam had fabricated at work. This was it!!!!! Would we get loads of thrust?????

Although there was a lot of ‘push’ it didn’t quite seem like enough. I decided to purchase a digital rev counter as I had the data sheet for the prop from Helix. This would allow us to see what thrust we was managing. Our next outing at the Park we were equipped with the rev counter. Lets see what thrust we did get.

Max RPM.

Max RPM.

As the picture above shows, maximum engine speed was 7200rpm. This was slightly disappointing as it showed that according to the data sheet we had an engine that only gave us 2.4hp instead of 3-4hp and that the thrust produced was little more than 20kg.


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