The Next Step.

Autumn 2007: Sam and I needed a radical re-think……………….. So I scoured the internet for advice. I contacted a chap called Markus at Helix in Germany. I told him about my mini moto engine and the gearbox I had with a 5:1 ratio. He replied and stated that they did a really efficient prop design for low power applications that would suit my needs. That was the good news, the bad news was that it would cost me just over £400. Those chaps at the Halifax Building Society charged me another £35 for the privilege of transfering funds too.

So, after a couple of weeks the prop arrived, it was big!!! Markus had told me that in order to get the required thrust a 1.8metre prop would be the best option. We set about modifying the frame to take the prop but there was a bigger problem on the horizon.


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