Also Yesterday.

16.08.08: In the evening Sam and I took the motor onto the back field for a test run with the larger carb jet fitted. The engine didn’t like it, it must have been far too rich for it so we fitted the original one back in and ran it some more.

I remembered that only a week or two ago on the ppghomebuilt group that Bill Kerr had posted about the variation in thrust on different days (i.e. different weather conditions). I say this because on past test runs the engine would normally give us 8300-8400rpm (28 thrust kg) but yesterday evening we struggled to get 8100rpm !?!?!? The wind was gusty again though but only 5-10mph. We tried nitrous and got a peak of 9120rpm (36kg) but as usual this soon drops as the bottle gets freezing cold while delivering the gas. If I did adopt a professional style N2O system (Sneeky Pete type) in order to deliver the necessary power then I might have to consider some sort of heating system utilizing the exhaust (obviously not too much heat otherwise the pressurized bottle would explode).

I really need to loose more weight in order for the eggmotor to be a viable option for me. I could live with the engine dropping to 8100rpm occasionally because even 26kg would be enough for a lighter pilot to float around on while hanging from a decent 1-2 modern motor wing. If I could market the motor at some point in the future then I think 13 stone (83kg) would have to be the max pilot weight. Plus, I would have to market it as some sort of ‘Sky Cruiser’ as oppose to a true paramotor. I just hope that the cheaper value of my ‘egg’ is enough to tempt those pilots who wouldn’t normally consider paramotoring due to higher costs.


11 Responses to “Also Yesterday.”

  1. Interesting site, how much will your eggmotor cost and how much will it weigh (with & without fuel)

  2. Hello Mike, Using all new parts I reckon £800-£900. The prop alone cost over £400 but it’s the only choice for a low power application. The box section ‘diamond’ engine frame is 3mm thick and weighs quite a bit. If I re-designed it using the 16mm tube that the rest of the cage is made from then we should get the empty weight to about 16kg. With the 5 litre tank fitted this should take it upto around 19.5kg. If I remember, 1 litre of fuel weighs 0.7kg so full tank adds 3.5kg. Cheers, Rob Shaw.

  3. If I was to sell it as a commercial venture then I would expect to sell an eggmotor for around £1,300. This would be a more ‘polished’ unit than the current prototype. The welds would be tidied up and the whole frame would be powder-coated.

  4. Hey rob, thanks for the info.
    Im basicly looking for something that would compliment an ozone ultralight 19m2.
    Which weights 4KG (5KG with plume reserve) and has a max pilot/gear weight of about 90KG
    Im wondering, how much weight would the cage be and would there be a posibility of replacing it with something a bit more lightweight/portable.

  5. When I’m next in the garage I’ll try a remember to weigh the cage quarters. In a perfect world the cage wouldn’t be needed at all. I suppose it would be feasible to have a much smaller cage circle, just enough to protect your arms and maybe a couple of feet of an arc on the bottom section to protect the prop from ground strikes while launching. I would imagine most landings would be ‘dead-stick’ so a cage wouldn’t be needed to stop lines tangling, etc.

  6. You sound like a light pilot? Including say 15kg for a lightweight version of the egg, could you tell me your ‘All Up Weight’? Sorry if that’s a bit nosey of me. If you max at around 100kg then the egg would give you a decent climb rate. The nitrous probably wouldn’t be needed as the 28kg peak thrust of the egg is double your level flight requirement.

  7. Well I weigh 65KG, the wing however isnt rated to take more than 90KG.
    I also travel a lot which is why the ozone ultralight is great for me, cause its so portable.
    Was wondering, would it be feasable to use something lightweight like bamboo for most of the cage, also something that could be packed away into a fairly compact package.
    Otherwise I might be tempted to risk it cageless.

  8. Would actually be interested in the nitrous as well, just for takeoff.

    Lightest paramotor I have found so far is this one.

    I think you could make the lighest paraglider on the market if you go comercial.

  9. I don’t know if you’ve seen Eggmotor Test Run and Test Run 2 on youtube? The test frame was made from copper piping and white 15mm flexible plumbing tube for the prop arc. I have considered making a frame with removable cage arms and a circle of the plumbing tube as it can be rolled up for storage. Apart from the length of the prop this arrangement would make for a compact solution. If you would prefer to continue contact outside of this blog then please feel free to email me

  10. Hello Mike, things are going to take a bit of a turn soon with the eggmotor. See our latest post ‘Superbox Egg’ for details. Rob.

  11. Hello Mike, r u still there?

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