Harness Issues.

16.08.08: Yesterday, Sam and I wanted to go to Pontefract Park in order for our first test flight. I had hoped that the velcro straps we had would have fitted nicely around my Sup-air Moovy harness. Unfortunately this wasn’t the case. In the end we’ve decided to modify the frame to include mid-way hang bars. The top of the engine frame is already attached to the harness using eye bolts and triangular maillons on the reserve loops.

Today while Sam had some spare time at work he fabricated the necessary parts. 2 x hang bars and 2 x thread bolts to attach the bars to the frame. So the wing will attach to the bar in one of the several holes drilled along the bar’s length to find the balance point and the harness will connect to the front end of the bar. This set up will prevent the need to alter the brake line length. The bars are going to be allowed to rotate up and down so the pilot can apply weight shift if required.


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