Superbox Egg.

07.09.08: If I go down the Honda clone 4 stroke route for the next generation Eggmotor then I could go for a ‘Superbox‘ race-prepped engine for $450. It gives 13hp+ @6,000-6,500rpm. I was going to use the Honda 2:1 gearbox but it would be extra weight and more messing about. Instead I’ve calculated that a 34×10 prop in direct drive configuration would be the best compromise. 43kg thrust @ 5,000rpm and 47mph airflow to minimize dynamic loss. Those figures arn’t far off the old Rad Aviation’s 3-blade MXL model. I’ve just had a quote back from Kevin at Xoar Propellers for $150 and that includes shipping to the UK. Xoar manufacture for RC model aircraft as well as the ultralight market so their expertise should make for a quality prop. I informed Kevin of my intentions for the propeller so it should be suitable for my application. All being well the next generation ‘Egg’ should be just as light as the old one due to it’s smaller size but also more reliable, economical and easier to transport.

Race prepared GX-200 clone.

Race prepared GX-200 clone.


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