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13.09.08: There is a lull in manufacturing and testing at the moment, mainly due to the lack of funds. Just an update on the 4 stroke news. The hub for the GX200 is on it’s way from America, once this arrives I can give the bolt circle info to Xoar props. With regards the GX390 engine, I found Arrow Props on the web and they can give you the best prop option if you give them engine data. I told them that I have an engine that develops around 17hp at 5,200rpm. I also said I needed 50kg thrust and that the prop would be directly driven. They replied with 36×12 prop size and also said that 50kg thrust might be borderline. To be honest, I’d be happy with 45kg plus.

I’ve decided to cut the 1.8m prop down to 1.6m on the ‘old’ eggmotor. This should allow the engine to spin up to 10,000rpm plus. Hopefully what I loose in efficiency I’ll gain in power/rpm. If the gearbox was a 6:1 ratio then I would have got 40kg thrust weeks ago. Cutting down the prop might now mean that I’ll get 35kg+. Still no powerhouse but a definate cruise machine. I could still add nitrous to this and peak 40kg+ (continuous 38kg).

That’s All Folks!!!!!!


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