I love it when a plan comes together!

03.10.08: At the risk of repeating myself……….. here’s where Sam and I are upto.

The GX200 engine is partially stripped in preparation for the upgrade bits, this will give 12hp+ from 5,000rpm upwards. It does give over 13hp around 6,000rpm but the prop probably won’t spin above 5,000rpm unless more upgrade parts are fitted. Any way, there’s more torque at 5,000rpm too.

The 34 x 10 prop from Xoar is currently on a two week fabrication wait list as of last week so I’ll probably receive it mid-October.

I’ve acquired an old but in ‘good nick’ 125 Amp arc welder with loads of spare 2mm and 2.5mm rods from a relative.

I’ve purchased a ‘3/8inch drive 12pt socket’ for the billet con rod bolts for £1.50 from a local iron mongery. Also, a torque wrench for £13.99 from Screwfix.com trade counter on Gelderd Rd, Leeds.

Sam has made a circular prop plate to evenly distribute the bolt loading when fitting the prop to the hub.

All the Superbox parts have arrived and they look top quality, especially the machined billet con rod and flywheel.

I’ve ordered a GX160 cylinder head of ebay for £20ish as the smaller head raises the compression and according to an email from Shane at AffordableGoKarts, fitting a 160 head to a 200 will increase hp by 2-4hp depending on the head cubic-capacity,  either 18cc standard or 14cc milled/skimmed. This should mean 14-15hp then. Mmm.., Power!!!

So unless something drastic happens, the ‘Egg2’ might be looking something like a paramotor within a month.


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