Correct Prop.

8.11.08: I’ve now fitted the correct prop and fabricated most of the cage. When I’ve tested the engine I was only getting 3000rpm max until Sam and I drilled the carb jet out to size 100# (1.0mm) this morning. We didn’t give it full throttle because of the noise issue (we live in a residential court) but we did get 3800rpm at half throttle. Result!!!! I’m hoping for 5000rpm once the engine has been run-in and fresh racing oil added and then I’ll try for full throttle. If I can get 5000rpm then maybe 40kg thrust is possible.

Correct Prop.

Correct Prop.

Correct Prop.

Correct Prop.


2 Responses to “Correct Prop.”

  1. hi, i am from algeria, thank you for this informations i realy apriciate . i have the china’s copie of the engine , my projet is to build my own ppg & and would like to ask you for help about the prop , i have no idea how to matching a prop to this engine , & of course the cross sections to build it , if you can help me please

    • Hello, Just to confirm, do you have a copy of a gx200 engine? Are you going to be configured for direct drive or reduction drive for the propeller? If you are going for the same as the pictures on this posting (direct drive) then you will need something like a 34×10 propeller (pusher). Go to my main site for more information: I also have a basic frame/cage diagram on the main site to download which will give you dimensions/sizes. Thank you, Robert.

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