Egg2 Thrust Test.

29.12.08: Sam and I have just peformed a ‘bathroom scales’ thrust test with the Egg2 prototype and we peaked 33kg thrust(5kg more than the old 2 stroke Eggmotor). Max rpm was 4800rpm which equates fairly well with Xoar’s data. The engine still needs to run-in properly and it is currently using ‘Enhanced Mineral Oil’ in the sump instead of quality racing oil.

I do have a few options to open up the power.

  • Fit a proper muffler instead of my restrictive home-made one.
  • Fit a GX140 Emulsion Tube to the carb (a popular karting mod for increasing bottom end power).
  • 10w-30 Racing Oil (Mobil 1) and ‘Chili Oil’ (a friction reducing additive used in the karting world).
  • A larger carb, possibly the GX390 standard carb (re-jetted of course).
  • An even lower compression head.

We might be able to nudge past 35kg with only one or two of the above mods.


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