BlueFox 2nd Thrust Test.

09.01.09: Hello everyone, we had a quick ‘on the back’ run with the motor after performing a second thrust test today, this time with the new muffler and 90# carb jet fitted. Bonus!!!!! We were getting the scales needle to float around the 36-38kg mark. That’s 5kg more thrust than with my homemade muffler and 100# carb jet. Who knows, we may nudge 40kg when the engine has run-in and we change the oil to a slick racing variant. Here is the video if anyone is interested.

We apologise about the video quality, I didn’t have my camcorder with me so we had to rely on my mobile phone.


One Response to “BlueFox 2nd Thrust Test.”

  1. Hi Rob and Sam. I like the new video. the motor is looking very powerful. You should be flying this year? I went paragliding to Oluz Denis and Annacy last year, loved them both. I am still gliding. I did a 100k cross country last July, which counted towards gaining the Silver badge. I also went to two different sites, Northumberland and Cumbria. That was exciting! The offer is still open if you want a flight. All the best with your motor. Graham

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