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New Web Site & Possible Launch Site.

Posted in EggDev with tags , , , , on March 2, 2009 by eggmotor

02.03.09: Sorry it’s been a while since the last post. I am still in communication with my tuning parts contact regarding cylinder heads and hp figures. Plus, I am currently waiting for an APCO Paramotor Harness so we can test fly the Eggmotor. It is a high hang point harness as this allows the easiest setup.

I am dropping the ‘BlueFox’ tag from now on and reverting back the the ‘Eggmotor’ name.

I have re-designed the web site in order to provide the relevant information and purchasing options needed once the final development has been completed and the business can begin.

CLICK HERE to preview the new site.

Also, I have been to check out a possible test launch site today in Skellow, near Doncaster. It appears to be an old spoil heap that has now become over-grown. There are some pockets of very small trees(no bigger than 2-3 ft) and some large weeds too. On the plateau there is a wide grass track running East to West where the vegetation on either side isn’t too thick and providing you can keep close to the track shouldn’t prove too difficult to launch. There were no signs on the approach to the site regarding tresspass or ownership and I saw an old gentleman walking his dog there. Using the ruler function on Google Earth, the nearest house is over 600 ft away from the central ‘launch’ track. Checking with a CAA airchart shows that the site is legal airspace upto 6500 ft and just the the West of the site, upto 5500 ft.

Airchart of the Doncaster area.

Airchart of the Doncaster area.

The following picture is of me in the centre of the plateau looking WNW along the track.

'Runway' looking West

'Runway' looking West.