Egg Test Flight & Sam’s Motor.

13.05.09: Again, a massive apology for not updating sooner. You’ve possibly seen the YouTube evidence of the Eggmotor’s first successful test flight at the Doncaster site mentioned in a previous post. If not, here it is.

Sam and I was quite surprised with the relative ease of launch and climb rate. Unfortunately my second flight at a Wakefield spoil heap didn’t go quite so well.

I’ve since realised that this second flight was performed with far too much brake applied (brake line length has been adjusted since this flight to alleviate this problem). So now we are waiting for decent weather and a chance to hone my launch skills.

Also, Sam and I have been busy with the construction of Sam’s Eggmotor. The frame has been made up on a jig and the engine mods are not quite as extensive as the prototype’s version. If we find it too under-powered during testing then I will order and fit an aluminium flywheel, free-flow exhaust and air filter. I’ve added some pictures of Sam’s motor, this engine is a Germany sourced Wiltec version, which I’ve found out has a 10mm shorter output shaft. That might prove interesting when it come to prop clearance.

'Fin-less' flywheel to help reduce drag/lose of power.

'Fin-less' flywheel to help reduce drag/lose of power.

Home-made air filter mod.

Home-made air filter mod.

Sam's engine complete, just waiting for hub and prop.

Sam's engine complete, just waiting for hub and prop.

BIG NEWS!!!!!! Tim Kerr at is now building up a stock of upgrade parts for the GX200 engine primarily for Eggmotor builders but also for his karting business. He already has 18cc and 14cc hi-compression cylinder heads, aluminium flywheels and will soon be getting hi-lift cams, hubs and air filter stuff too. So a big thank you to Tim ;o)


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