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Sam’s First Powered Flight

Posted in EggDev with tags , , , , on September 21, 2009 by eggmotor

21.09.09: Sam successfully flew his Eggmotor on Saturday afternoon. This was our third day of attempting to get him airborne. We had tried the day previously and the Friday before that but the wind was always just a bit too strong. We did have a minor mishap prior to the flight whereby a line ‘glanced’ the prop tip and split it slightly. Fortunately our two new flying buddies (John & Mick) reckoned the damage was minimal and recommended a quick fix with super glue and some PVC tape to hold the wood ‘tight’ during curing.  We checked the wing’s lines too and there were no signs of damage. The prop tip looked ‘solid’ again within 20 minutes and so Sam had another go. The video below is the end result of everyones passion and commitment. Well Done Sam!!! The first of many more flights, lets get some hours in now ;o)


Xoar Thrust Data.

Posted in EggDev with tags , , , , on September 6, 2009 by eggmotor

06.09.09: Matt @ Xoar Props has kindly sent through the thrust data sheet for the PJD-P 34X10. To achieve 40kg thrust (as per ‘egg’ spec.) then the engine needs to be pushing about 10kw (13.5hp) @ 5200rpm. If you just wanted a competent slope-assisted launch machine then 30kg thrust will be available with just 6kw (8hp) @ 4600rpm. Or, if you are a slightly heavier pilot or just wanted more power then a heavily modded GX200 pushing 13.5kw (18hp) @ 5600rpm will develop 47kg thrust. Something for most people there I think ;o)