31.12.09: A new development has started,…………. and stopped due to funds issue. It is to make a paramotor unit with the heavier GX420 engine, again as a direct drive motor. Power as standard is 15hp at 3600rpm. A few mods will get this upto 20hp at the same revs. Free-flow air filter, exhaust, alloy flywheel and milled cylinder head. If power is still a little low then a bored carb or a Mikuni carb should do the trick. I was at first considering fitting a Konig/CRE SC-430 radial engine prop. 42″ (107cm) which develops upto 65kg thrust at 4000rpm/20-22hp. Now I’m considering a 44″ GSC ground adjustable prop as a friend has offered his for testing. Peak rpm would be lower than the Konig type prop and be roughly around 3600rpm.


3 Responses to “EggMonster”

  1. Hello, I like your eggmonster paramotor! I test also with the GX420. I build a reduction for a larger prop. See at . Your other website not work. Enjoy, Mike

  2. Hello Mike, it’s still early stages but hoping for a decent ‘Monster’. Main website will be operational next month.
    P.S. I like your picture too 🙂

  3. please write me your email adress. I want to send you pictures from my new eggmotor design. Thanks my email is Mike

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