It’s All Happening!!!

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13.07.10: Hello everyone, a lot has happened since the last post. We’ve sold Sam’s Eggmotor to fund over ongoing development, the EggMonster project has come on loads and we have also been fabricating new frames for the GX200 motor.

Sam and I made the painful decision to sell his blue/black Wiltec GX200 powered Eggmotor to fund the continuing EggMonster development. The motor and harness sold on ebay for Ā£500.00, I would have liked more in the region of Ā£700.00 – Ā£800.00 to at least cover the cost of manufacturer but that’s life I suppose.

Bye Bye :(

Bye Bye šŸ˜¦

A lot has been happening with the EggMonster project too, a new frame design, engine upgraded to approx 22hp (peak) 20hp @ 4000rpm and ground tested with the 3 blade fan assembly prior to complete strip down and ready for powder coating which will hopefully be done this week.



Finally, we’ve fabricated two new frames (loosely based on the EggMonster frame) for the GX200 engine. One is going to be for a customer and the remaining one for our original Loncin engine. This time I’ve purchased a 36×10 propeller to see if we get a decent increase in thrust and if necessary I will consider either bored carb and/or increasing head compression ratio to get power/thrust up. Also I’ve ditched the standard fuel tank for our engine and adopted a plastic 5 litre fuel can and pulse pump (with pulse feed off valve cover) to supply the carb. Hopefully the extra 1.4 litres will give at least an extra 30 minutes of airtime. Below is a couple of photos of a test fit of the customer’s Loncin GX200 engine in his almost completed frame (prior to powder coating).

Test fit on new style frame.

Test fit on new style frame.

Test fit on new style frame.

Test fit on new style frame.

All being well we should have three completed motors in a month or two and be ready to thrust and flight test the EggMonster.


2 Responses to “It’s All Happening!!!”

  1. neil unsworth Says:

    hi rob long time no back into paramotors again were did you get the 36×10 prop matey…..nel 07521053827

    • Hello Neil,
      The 36×10 is from Xoar Int’l. Email Rebi at and state you’re after a 36×10 PJD-P(pusher). The last time I dealt with her she prefered me to go with their UK dealer (Area-51) but they proved difficult to communicate with so Rebi was then happy to deal direct with me. I last ordered a 36×10 PJD-P back in September last year and back then it cost me just over $100 for the prop and $90 for shipping. The lead time was 2-3 months but I think I got it within 2 months. Tom Anable in Scunthorpe brought my 36×10 off me (plus the gx270/440 ppg chassis and prop hubs) at the beginning of the year. I don’t think he’s has been doing owt with them as he seems busy with his monowheel project. You could contact him to see if he might sell?
      Good to hear from you again šŸ™‚
      What engine are you using? You’re probably aware that the Eggmotor project has been wound up now since early Spring and I’ve also given up free-flight too, mainly due to slipped-disc problem.

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