Eggmotor set back

24.01.11: In a recent post I mentioned about the improvements I’m wanting to carry out on the little Eggmotor. Well, firstly an update on the blown gasket problem. I think the reason the gasket could have blown is that when I fitted the 18cc GX160 cylinder head on the first time I built up the engine and then also when I swapped to a 14cc head, is that I used ‘thread-lock’ on both occasions and I think this has caused incorrect head bolt torque results. I don’t think re-applying the liquid over caked on thread-lock from a previous time is a good idea. Watching some of ARC Racing’s tutorial videos on the web site I’ve seen that they apply motor oil to all bolt threads to prevent corrosion and to aid correctly torquing the bolts. I suspect the gasket blew due to lack of bolt pressure. I have now in preparation for the new parts re-tapped(cleaned) the block threads and bolts and I can now easily screw the bolts into the block by hand.

'Cleaning' out the threads

'Cleaning' out the threads

Hand tightened with ease

Hand tightened with ease

Also, while using for the first time a new torque wrench with the correct sized drive head (so I don’t need an adaptor which would make getting inside the block impossible) for a borrowed 1/4″ 12pt socket for the billet con-rod I accidentally overtightened the bolts to the point where one of them snapped. The torque wrench was ‘clicking’ as it should while gradually pre-loading the bolts but when I got to the 120in/lb setting there was no ‘click’ and so stupidly I slowly continued to tightened. I’ve ordered a new set of bolts from AGK and currently waiting patiently for them to arrive.

Snapped ARC billet con-rod bolt

Snapped ARC billet con-rod bolt


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