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On Wheels

Posted in EggDev with tags , , , , , on February 22, 2011 by eggmotor

22.02.11: Well I’ve now fitted the new crankcase cover gasket and while I was in the garage I decided to see if the frame dimensions were close enough to the Monster’s specification to see if it would fit on the quad attachment,……. it did.

I just needed to drill a couple of holes for the securing nuts and it was a tight squeeze with the fuel tank cradle but all went well. With the harness connected up I sat in it and performed the starting procedure to have a short, part throttle bash. With the ignition already set to ‘ON’, I reached my left hand behind me and made sure the choke lever was set to ‘CLOSED’. Then while applying half throttle with the control in my left hand I sharply pulled the recoil cord from behind my head, over my left shoulder and down towards my legs. After three or four attempts she roared into life. I then ease open the choke. Now that the prop is back on the throttle response seems very sluggish and tends to bog if quick throttle adjustments are made. Just like the short run previous, the idle is lumpy and it can only be the large GX390 carb causing it. I didn’t rev up in the garage in case debris on the floor got sucked through the prop. Hopefully there will be plenty of power in the top end to give the requisite increase in expected thrust. I have purchased a new GX270 carburettor quite cheaply as according to ‘C-Line‘ in America the GX270 carb produces a significant power increase to a stock degoverned GX200 engine. If the 390 carb is too much trouble then I will swap over and see what happens.

I have also weighed the complete Eggmotor with harness and three litres of fuel and it tops out at 28.5kg.


Alive Again

Posted in EggDev with tags , , , , , on February 5, 2011 by eggmotor

05.01.11: The engine is complete again, albeit with a leaking crankcase gasket. That’s no surprise though as I have re-used it several times now. I’ve a new gasket now and will be fitting it asap. I have had it running as it is and it started fairly easily once I worked out the best choke and throttle settings. I’m still a little concerned about the con-rod bolt torque but we’ll see if she destroys herself with a full power test when the propeller is back on.

I’m still expecting 15-16hp at loaded maximum rpm (~5000rpm) and about 45kg(99lb) thrust if the larger carburettor suits the engine and other mods.