Alive Again

05.01.11: The engine is complete again, albeit with a leaking crankcase gasket. That’s no surprise though as I have re-used it several times now. I’ve a new gasket now and will be fitting it asap. I have had it running as it is and it started fairly easily once I worked out the best choke and throttle settings. I’m still a little concerned about the con-rod bolt torque but we’ll see if she destroys herself with a full power test when the propeller is back on.

I’m still expecting 15-16hp at loaded maximum rpm (~5000rpm) and about 45kg(99lb) thrust if the larger carburettor suits the engine and other mods.


4 Responses to “Alive Again”

  1. Robert L Schafer Says:

    I have been watching your development of the gx200 with interest and wonder ifyou will have productions coming available soon from your efforts.

    Bob schafer USA

  2. Hello Bob,

    I’d like to go into production but I think the frame looks too basic to be attractive enough in such a competitive market. I do have more ideas for a better/lighter frame but I have no funds at the moment to follow them through. I think I could make a commercially viable unit for about £1200 and maybe sell for £2200 to give a pre-tax £1000 gross profit. There needs to be a lot more testing before I’d be comfortable with the design, comfort and reliability.

    Maybe in a couple of years things could be different 🙂

    Cheers for your interest,


  3. Hello.
    We wait new video and new photos of your project.
    Especially the variant without a reducer interests.
    With the screw 110-120 without a reducer tried?

    • Hello, I think to use a 110-120 prop you would need to make sure the engine developed sufficient power in the 2700-3500rpm range. I’m not sure my GX200 will have 13-14hp at these revolutions. Many thanks :o)

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