Flown The Nest?

8.05.12: Hello again, well unfortunately the latest Egg has yet to fly the nest due primarily to the poor weather so far this year. I also have an intermittent back problem which always seems to flare up when the weather does improve. Since the initial testing back in the Autumn of 2011, I have made some minor tweaks and modifications.

I’ve switched the spark plug to one of those fancy Pulstar Pulse-Plugs, it has a capacitor circuit which apparently creates a much larger, quicker and hotter spark. The manufacturer claims upto 12% more power and torque so I’m now expecting to easily hit the 50kg thrust mark on any future bathroom scales tests as the November 2011 test was just off the mark (48-49kg).

I have also fitted a rubber mounted support bracket to the exhaust as concerns were raised by one or two forum members regarding vibration and premature failure.

Other News: I have revamped both the YouTube channel and the main Eggmotor website, they are both designed around a similar style now. I have also started to re-release classic Eggmotor moments within the new ‘EggTV’ theme. I am aiming to improve the overall quality, exposure and the revenue generated from Google Adsense ads shown during the videos. As a side project, I have been working on a knackered genuine Honda GX270 engine. A play list chronicling the project so far can be found here: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL5F7932A162B1B90D

Many thanks for following the various TeamEggmotor endeavours so far…


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