It Flies!!!

7.11.12: Well, yet again I have to apologize for the delay in updating. Since the last post, the gx200 reduction drive Eggmotor has had it’s first successful test flight. There have been some issues with the exhaust bracket failing but I’m hoping that is now sorted. Also, I have swapped the 1 litre gravity feed test tank to a pulse pump feed 5 litre tank.

Here is the footage taken from the first test flight back in late July 2012. Location is a Cloud Hoppers Club site near High Marnham, Nottinghamshire, England. I’ve roughly estimated climb rate to around 200fpm. Pilot weight of approx. 100kg with a ’27’ Windtech Kinetic non-reflex glider.


7 Responses to “It Flies!!!”

  1. good afternoon
    Do you sell this reduction of the GX200. how Much It Costs

  2. Hi, im triying to build a gx270cc but I can’t faind the hub for the propeller! Can you help me with that!? Where can I get the parts I need for that motor!? Hub/propeller straight on the shaft / or plate and belt components, pulleys … The shaft is 1inch diameter

    • Hello Jonathan, are you going for redrive (reduction drive) for the gx270? I ask as you mention ‘plate’ and ‘belt’ components. My direct drive gx270 had a 1 inch shaft and I used a 25mm kart wheel hub. I filed/sanded the bore of the hub ~0.4mm in order for it to fit on the shaft. 25mm Hub The link I’ve sent is for an image of the identical one I used on the gx270. I also had to remove the ‘lip’ so that the propellor could sit flat to the hub face. That was an easy job with a hacksaw. I had the propellor bolt holes drilled to match the dimensions of the three studs on the hub. Those studs were too short for the thickness of the prop so I removed them for longer bolts instead. I hope that helps on the direct drive option. If you are wanting to go with a reduction drive then unfortunately I am unable to help. If you modify the engine to a mild state of tune (up from 9hp @ 3600rpm stock to around 14-15hp @ 5000rpm) then a 36/38×10 propeller should give you +45kg thrust (the original gx200 Eggmotor with 34×10 ‘Xoar International’ PJP-P(pusher) gave approx 38-40kg thrust @ 5000rpm and lifted my 90kg body mass off the ground with a non-reflex glider). In order to safely get the power and rpm then you will need at least an ‘ARC Racing’ billet alloy flywheel (stock cast iron ones can ‘exploded’ at high rpm), Upgrade the carb to a gx340 size or you can use a slightly larger main carb jet (~1.0mm). Use a thinner head gasket and/or mill the cylinder head for increased compression ratio. My gx270 head (a genuine Honda one) had some poor/rough angles in the ports so I filed/sanded/re-profiled them for better gas flow. You can swap flywheel key to an 8 degree advanced timing one, better power at the higher rpm. A free-flow air filter and exhaust will improve gas flow also. Finally, make sure the governor is disabled/removed unless you intend to remain under the 3600rpm manufacturers threshold. Gx270 tuning parts are best sourced from the USA. Have you watched the gx270 Eggmotor series of videos on my channel? I hope this helps, many thanks, Rob.

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